Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to History Active

On Monday, June 24, Levine Museum of the New South will introduce its newest youth outreach program. History Active is a conduit for young people to be heard no matter their ethnic, economic, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status. The program aims to tackle changing demographics by recognizing connections between many silenced populations. Diverse cohorts of students will draw parallels between historical Civil Rights struggles and the current push for LGBTQ, immigration, and human rights through learning sessions, media-based responses and an advocacy day.  History Active will demonstrate that acknowledgement of the past is essential for meeting the social justice challenges of today.

Over the years, the Levine Museum has encountered thousands of students who feel helpless to influence and engage in the community around them. Some of the biggest obstacles that prevent constructive dialogue and action in young people are the rampant use of stereotyping and the lack of a social action model. The History Active program is a two phase program that assists teens in recognizing various forms of discrimination and introduces teens to new ways of combating inequity. The first phase is a week-long intensive workshop (held June 24-28). Each day during the workshop, students will study a different rights issue and learn how to better advocate for the issues they care about. After the workshop, students will have the opportunity to apply for a seat on a bus tour of three important Civil Rights cities: Charlotte, Atlanta and Birmingham.The bus tour will leave July 15 and return July 18.

A large component of the History Active program is the students' engagement with social networking. Each day they will be tweeting, posting photos to Instagram, updating Facebook, and writing on this blog. To follow what the teens are doing check back here and at:

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