Monday, June 24, 2013

History ACTIVE Day :1 The Many Layers of Our Youth

Dr. King wrote, "Oppresed people cannot remain oppressed forever" in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail.

Today as the first day at History ACTIVE, we students watched "Mighty Times: The Children's March," visited the COURAGE exhibit at Johnson C. Smith and spent the afternoon thinking about where our stories fit in during the past 15 to17 years.

Based on our conversations, we ave created our own quotes about youth activism and civil rights:

"Even though we are young, we have the potential to accomplish great things."
"There will always be resistance to change, but nonviolence is key. "
"There is power in our youth and our community."
"The differences between us are amazing, and yet we are still able to work together."
"We can do anything we set our minds on."
"The youth itself has a lot of power."

There is more to come tomorrow...

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