Wednesday, June 26, 2013

History ACTIVE Day 2: The Inequalities of Immigration

Today during History ACTIVE, we discussed immigrant rights as we viewed and discussed the film, "Welcome to Shelbyville" and visited the Latin-American Coalition where we met with youth members of United 4 the Dream.
There are so many trials and tribulations like gangs and drugs, but that did not stop so many immigrants face trying to come to America. However when they're here, they're forced into a bubble of inequality, conformity, fear, injustice, and restrictions.
Doors don't open up; you're trapped and you can't get out. Not everyone has the same oppurtunities for education. It shouldn't matter your documentation status to get an education if you want to learn you deserve to learn!
America was founded on principles of equality , yet there  is no equality in  America. Everyone deserves an opportunity to shape his or her destiny.
As a group, we drafted a manifesto that suggests ways in which Charlotteans can build a diverse and hospitible community with immigrants.
"History ACTIVE's Manifesto for Accepting Immigrant Communities"
1. Be welcoming.
2. No one is an expert on anyone else.
3. Be tolerant and try to understand differences.
4.Communicate with new populations rather than about them.
5. Provide an opportunity to learn and exchange.
6. Give each other a chance even if you're scared.
7. Realize that there are bigger issues that people are going through.
8. Remember what it means to be an American.
9. Be proactive; reach out.
10. Accept change and diversity as a good thing.
11. Be open-minded.
12. Sort through misinformation.
13. Everyone is in the same struggle. Help each other out.
14. Recognize each other's humanity.
15. Use your voice for good.
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