Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So just where is that truck from? The location of the "truck guy band" image unveiled!

Ever since the beginning of time, humankind has enjoyed creating, listening to and enjoying the simplest of pleasures—music. Whether through small get-togethers, ritual activities or concerts designed to create a profit, people have always had a very close relationship with melodies, rhythms, vocalizations, all traits of music. 

This closeness, while important to all of humanity, is especially dear in the South, a region with a very unique, distinctive musical past. Over the past few hundred years, the rolling hills of the Southern Piedmont, as well as the low-lying farmlands coastal plains and the high-soaring mountains of the Appalachians have echoed with the sounds of local, “homegrown” Southern music. An example lies in this week’s image, seen below.

The "Monks Tabernacle Band."
This image, featuring five musicians in a pickup truck bed, was taken at the Richfield-Misenheimer Fire Department during the annual barbeque during 1972/73. This image was originally published in a Charlotte Observer article and depicts the “Monks Tabernacle Band,” formed in the early 1970’s for Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Richfield, NC. This band consisted of:

— Left Front: Robert Meisenheimer
— Left Rear: Jack Goodman
— Right Front: Warren “Monk” Wagner
— Right Middle: John Leffner
— Right Rear: Jack Ingram

This image will be donated to the Richfield Misenheimer Volunteer Fire Department, located in Richfield, NC, a small town located in Stanly County. We hope to “bring this image back home,” particularly to its place of origin. 

Richfield, NC is located at the small pennant labeled "A."
More information about this institution can be found at the following website: 

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