Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why question...

Why question answers? Why start now? Why are you always thinking?

To be honest, you never really stop wondering.  You could numb yourself and be hollow, but you can't hide your curiousity of and for things. You arent always granted another wish, day, or and choice.

"Curiousity killed the cat."

You're probably wondering why post a blog like this, am I right? Well to answer that , it is because you (yes yourself) needs knowledge. I know only that the brain craves and hunger for interest of something or someone. This blog is about questioning our own answers within the past. Yes the past seems a bit dull, but you're missing the details of it. People fought for our rights and for us, all of mankind, to connect and collide to one united kind.

People shed their tears, shed their blood and laid their bodies scattered just for all of us to be together. Innocents killed and betrayed. It hurts so much to be betrayed by the people who were to protect you.., you dont know the pain that is like a knife that cuts you deep. We should remember that.

You can't just continue disgracing and discriminating, it will generate hate. For that hate will be carved and imprinted upon ourselfs.

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