Thursday, December 20, 2012

Charlotte...Bound in Yes!

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

It can elicit a thousand emotions.
A thousand questions.
A thousand connections.

Over the next several days we will use the blog and Facebook to explore how Charlotte has used the pictures in the exhibit Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America to make those connections to history and find relevance for our lives today.  With help from John Love, a multidisciplinary artist, Levine Museum provided an interactive space to connect to each visitor: asking tough questions in the exhibition and in dialogue.

Pictured is opening night for Without Sanctuary and Love’s piece, entitled, “Bound in Yes.”  The instructions were clear, simply tell us what is your "Yes"?
From the Artist Statement:  There is no wrong way to feel however there can be an affirming way to respond.  As we sit in the seat of historical perspective and cozy up to even the prickliest of privileges the passage of time enables, the question of what does one do with all this information, knowledge, and weight looms ominous.  In the face of the human behavior that fueled/fuels the atrocities depicted in WITHOUT SANCTUARY, Bound in Yes asks you to share what this horrifying and resounding expression of “no” inspires you to affirm, do, construct, build, facilitate, and say yes to.  Bound in Yes asks, “What is your Yes?”                          ~ John W. Love, Jr. 

Our guests responded--writing out their affirmations and adding to the white rocking chair tag by tag until…

The final stages of the chair affirm that Charlotte and the community have lots to say "Yes" to, including taking on this difficult history and letting the pictures speak to them.

How did the images inside Without Sanctuary speak to you?
What are you left saying "Yes" to?

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