Thursday, July 19, 2012

Despite changing times, Latino culture perseveres.

In the past few decades the number of Latinos that have immigrated to America has grown enormously. In this picture a Latin American family is celebrating a confirmation celebration. In the Catholic and other Christian traditions certain rites of passage, or rituals that mark a status change, are done with families and are large celebrations. many of these events include colors that symbolize ‘cleansing’ and ‘new beginning,’ such as white does in this photo. There are also symbols such as candles and clothes that are worn for the festivals. In Catholicism Confirmations are usually done to a baptised youth when they are 14. This is the age when they are accepted as an adult into the church. Many religions such as Judaism have similar rituals and rite of passage into the faith communities.

Luis Rey Velasco is the photographer. He is a graduate of East Carolina University and has worked photographing Latino families. He has focused on how these families carry their traditions in the changing New South that is now their home. Despite the influx of various cultures and diverse people into the New South, Velasco's photographs illustrate how  traditional Latino cultures are preserved, creating a strong sense of community among the population.

For more information on the photographer, you can view his website:

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